2013 Sponsor Rudy Project

2013 Sponsor Rudy Project

Sunday, February 28, 2010


With April 3rd just over a month away it';s time for a quick update on changes that will take place at the 2010 CultCross race with regards to Category changes. Since CultCross is no longer affiliated with the ACA I am going to a more lax "flight" system but will still have SS and Junior races. Three flights will be available for racers eliminating age classifications. There will be A,B and C flights for men and women. This hopefully will keep things even more grassroots and keep everything fun for everyone, plus you will get to line it up against people you might not normally get to race against in the more "structured" age classification format. Race entry will still be $20 and $10 for a second race. Juniors will be 16 and under and we will race for 30 minutes (or longer if they should choose). The third installment of CultCross should be another good time and I hope to see you all there! I'm trying to come up with some new course ideas, but I think courses of the past have been pretty rock solid according to your feedback, so look for more of the same with a tweak or two.

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