2013 Sponsor Rudy Project

2013 Sponsor Rudy Project

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Calling all Cult Crossers. It's time for some regular updates as the race is ON. March 31st is your calling card and the town of Eagle is on board and has fattened up the cash purses for the elite men and women's fields. Payouts will be equal for these two categories. Categories will be as follows and I will have a flyer put together in the next week or two. Look for the following categories on Sunday, March 31st, 2013.

Juniors-race free, 18 and under.
"C" Category (beginner level racers only)
"B" Category (sport level racers, don't sand bag...you will be called ouy)
"A" or "Open" Category (top level racers including pro men and women)
Single Speed
Fat Bike Race (you know what I'm talking about)

**Considering Cult Cross to be the unofficial official women's Clydesdale world championships. The catch, rider and bike must weigh 180lbs. and will be weighed prior to the race. Bring it.**

Race entry fee will be $25, $10 for an additional race.

I'll also have hoodies made prior to race day. Same as previous style that we all wear proudly. If you guys or gals have questions, e-mail me at elgeea2b@gmail.com and title the e-mail "Cult Cross question". 

Prizes should be plentiful and worthy.

Payouts THUS FAR for elite races for men and women as follows, potentially more in the pot on race day.

1st-   $300
2nd-  $175
3rd-   $125
4th-   $50
5th-   $25 

Look for more details in the future...

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