2013 Sponsor Rudy Project

2013 Sponsor Rudy Project

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The good old days of Eagle Cyclocross, will they return Saturday?
The beauty of CX is the course combined with killer conditions. Saturday is now shaping up perfectly for race day, and unlike the Koppenburg which will probably be cancelled AGAIN this weekend, Cult Cross WILL NOT BE CANCELLED, if anything, it is setting up to be as good as it gets for CX racing conditions with plenty of moisture tonight and Thursday and sunny and fifteis on Saturday. And thanks to the Eagle County Fairgrounds, we've got an amzing course where we do not have to worry about ruining grass or pissing off the stuffy nieghborhood folk. This is CX, real CX, and you will suffer in the spring as you do in the fall. I'll have a wash station set up just like last year and you may believe you are in Hoogerheide by days end.

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